Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

A Tiny Suggestion...

A tiny suggestion, my friend, if I may. As we come to accept the fact that years have gathered behind us and now show a remarkable accumulation in the stock room, remember this. How we acknowledge them matters. Make certain your acceptance doesn't signal defeat, only awareness to a sometimes inconvenient truth. And, if you must cling to something, cling to the beautiful part of you that laughs and loves and explores like a child but with the wisdom of a well seasoned connoisseur.

Forget the little bumps and stumbles that naturally occur to those of any age. If you forget, attribute it to your busy life. If you fail, learn enough to avoid doing it again. If it hurts, be grateful you can feel. And if you cry, celebrate the intensity of your love of  life and friends enough to touch your heart.

Life is about the art of the possible. If it is possible who’s to say it might not happen for you? So, the next time a minor infraction of protocol poses a bit of an inconvenience, tilt your head and narrow your eyes - just a bit.  Curl your lips into a knowing smile then look directly at the camera filming your life and say…..Thank you for this life! What an adventure.

©Herb Ratliff, January 1, 2017

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